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"Maggie is very passionate about nutrition and caring towards her clients. Her program is much more than a "diet" or "nutrition counseling"; it has changed my life, including my relationship with food. Maggie is truly a gifted life coach and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to study with her."

- Marcie

"Maggie lets you set your own goals, and then is truly there for you to support and encourage your progress. Her emphasis on the positive and her joyful optimism are catching, giving you the energy you need to persevere and do it NOW. Thanks Maggie. Your work is a specific example of the tapas (discipline, fire of change) of yoga, the guideline for how to take care of yourself in order to fulfill your potential." 

- Maggie Kessell,

If you are a busy executive or working parent, I would highly recommend Maggie's coaching. She formulates realistic solutions and ideas for people that regularly eat outside of the home or have limited time to prepare healthy meals during the week."

- Ritu

"This investment in yourself is worth it! Maggie's approach is thorough and sustainable, I know that the changes she has guided me to incorporate in my life I can keep doing for the long haul. It's not about deprivation, it's about balance. Working with Maggie has been an extremely positive experience!"

- Deanna

Maggie’s holistic approach focuses on all areas of your life (not just food), and how they are interconnected.  Instead of a rigid diet plan, Maggie has you eat intuitively by listening to your body.  Also, by focusing on adding nutritious foods to your diet instead of taking away foods, you don’t feel deprived. The recommended reading has also been invaluable to me.

- Renee

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